Since 1991, we have been laser-focused on breast cancer research.

With a focus on precision oncology (personalized care), we are the only national breast cancer organization in Canada that has a clear mandate to raise money for research.

Breast Cancer Canada is dedicated to saving lives through breast cancer research.  We do not receive government funding — and research is fueled by the generosity of our donors.

Charitable Registration Number:  13796 9861 RR0001

An end to breast cancer

With more research, we know we can end breast cancer. 

Breast Cancer Canada is a national charity dedicated to saving lives through breast cancer research. With a focus on precision oncology (personalized care), it is the only national breast cancer organization in Canada that has a clear mandate to raise money for research and advocate and educate on the progress of new research evidence.

Everyday, researchers are working hard to advance our understanding of this disease.  To detect it. To treat it. We know research will deliver results. And with your support to raise more funds, a future with no more breast cancer is possible.

Our Commitment

To save lives through breast cancer research

As of February, 2021, The World Health Organization declared breast cancer the most diagnosed cancer worldwide. In Canada, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. This year alone, that’s ~28,000 Canadians who will be diagnosed with the disease. 

That’s why funding for precision oncology (personalized treatment) breast cancer research is so important for Canadians. It’s research that advances screening and detection, that advances patient reported outcomes, and research that enhances patient care with breast cancer. And we will continue to fund research until breast cancer is no longer a life-threatening disease.

“Research has shown us that there are more than 50 types of breast cancer, each with their own unique challenges and demands. The research projects we fund directly impact the lives of breast cancer patients by developing new diagnostic tools and treatment plans that are tailored to the individual, as patient-support is no longer one size fits all.”

Kimberly Carson, CEO
Breast Cancer Canada

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We invest your donations into life-saving research that directly impacts Canadian patients.

The projects we fund ensure the rapid movement of research findings to tangible outcomes for patients.

Advancing research teams from coast to coast

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Scientific Advisory Board

Breast Cancer Canada remains the only organization in Canada laser focused on breast cancer research. The projects we fund surround precision oncology set to deliver individualized treatment plans. Progress starts with the right people. The teams we leverage across Canada accelerate the transition from standard approaches for breast cancer treatment, to the new age of personalized medicine. Our ultimate goal is to match the right plan, to the right person, at the right time.

Dr. Marc Webster

Chair, Scientific Advisory Committee

Breast Cancer Research Focused in Precision Oncology

Breast Cancer Canada’s Scientific Advisory Board works as one to drive excellence in Canadian breast cancer research and leadership. How? By identifying, collaborating with, and funding groups and individuals. Specifically, those that are supporting our four pillars in precision oncology research. The pillars that bring us closer to earlier detection and better management.

Our research focuses on precision oncology that deliver individualized treatment models. The projects we fund across Canada accelerate the transition from standard approaches for breast cancer treatment, to the new age of personalized medicine. 

The goal is to match the right plan to the right person at the right time.

Precision Genomics Research Pillars


The purpose of basic science research is to increase the understanding of how fundamental biological processes work. The information uncovered by basic science projects lay the groundwork for all other research that follows.

Screening &

Using new technology to improve screening and detection – with better quality and less invasive test techniques than what we use now. New precision or personalized technology like genomic blood tests that identify breast cancer during screening, and machine learning that assists a clinician for more accurate breast cancer detection.


Research where a biomarker has been identified for treatment research and development; or a targeted localized treatment discovery is in early stage of development involving a precision oncology focus.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Research on the implementation of patient reported outcomes across the spectrum of breast cancer screening and disease management.  The data highlights how patients perceive health and treatment effects and how treatments impact outcomes. This shapes treatment and surgical interventions that impact many aspects of a patient’s life.


Breast Cancer Canada is a national registered charity, and governed by a Board of Directors passionate about the progress we’re making to end breast cancer. Their role is to set the strategic direction, oversee how well our objectives are being met, and uphold our values. These Directors are professionals who volunteer their time. They guide, advise and support the Chief Executive Officer.

Chair, Board of Directors

Shaniah Leduc

Breast Cancer Canada believes in building on the outstanding progress that’s been made so far. With more research, we know we can end breast cancer. Precision oncology is absolutely transforming the ways that breast cancer is managed. It’s driven by data, knowledge and certainly compassion too. Advances have led to new discoveries and care plans that are tailored to a person’s genetic makeup and the genomic profile of an individual’s tumor.
Board Members
Josh Bilyk
Riva Walia
Charlene Judge
James Yuan
Richard Williams
Iqbal Merchant
Gordon Wong
Martha Turner Osborne

Our Team

The Breast Cancer Canada team is passionate about advancing research. We are the custodians of donated funds and are deeply committed to maximizing the impact of every dollar. Our goal is to bring better outcomes to those affected by breast cancer.

Chief Executive OfficerKimberly Carson
Vice President, OperationsDawn Hamilton
Vice President,  Mission & AdvocacyAngela Marlatt, CFRE
Vice President, Annual Giving & Volunteer DevelopmentJamie Campbell, CFRE
 Assistant Director, StewardshipBreanna Brooks
Assistant Director, DatabaseClaire Heusdens
Volunteer EngagementStephanie Bruck

Regional Hubs

We connect communities and those committed to our mission to make the goal local so we can save lives through breast cancer research, together, wherever you are.

 Regional Hubs are an integral part of Breast Canada Canada. 

Breast Cancer Canada has a national strategy to bring our vision to end breast cancer to local regional hubs. Each local member hub can help turn our vision into local action by designing their community portfolio, and supporting national research at the same time.

A vital purpose of our Regional Hubs is our Patient Reported Outcomes research. Our volunteers are working with local cancer centers to assist patients with recording their treatments, the effects, the side effects and the outcomes to help direct new research initiatives for better patient care during the breast cancer journey.

Support us locally to:

  • Be the driving force behind Patient Reported Outcomes research
  • Fundraise for life-saving breast cancer research
  • Raise awareness around the importance and impact of our research
  • Advocate for access to testing and breast cancer treatments

Together we can raise awareness to the importance of breast cancer research and share Breast Cancer Canada’s purpose. After all, the more we know, the sooner we can end it.

Are you interested in volunteering with a Regional Hub? Find out more. Let’s chat!

Transparency & Financials

Breast Cancer Canada recognizes the importance of financial accountability and transparency. 

To review our recent financials and see our donor dollars at work, we invite you to visit the Canada Revenue Agency.

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